Adobe Releases Premiere Pro CC 7.1 with Easier SpeedGrade Workflow & Native CinemaDNG Support

nofilmschool by Robert Hardy

Although many people still aren’t thrilled with the subscription model of Adobe’s Creative Cloud, it’s difficult not to be happy with the regularity with which they are now able to roll out major updates to the software. Last month, Adobe released a comprehensive list of new features that would be added in the 7.1 update of Premiere Pro CC, new features like native support for CinemaDNG and RED DRAGON footage, and a legitimate roundtrip process between Premiere and SpeedGrade. This evening, Adobe released the update, and it is available and ready for download. Before you start playing with the upgraded software, however, check out’s awesome video overview of these new features --->

There are some tremendous new features in this updated version of Premiere. Perhaps the biggest and most timely of these features is the native support for CinemaDNG files. With a slew of cameras from the likes of Blackmagic and Digital Bolex, and with Magic Lantern RAW (plus Ikonoskop is still alive), CinemaDNG has become a fairly prolific production format. That’s a trend that doesn’t look to slow down anytime soon, so it will be important for software developers to continue to find ways to support CinemaDNG natively.

Of course, editing natively with CinemaDNG files might not be the easiest option for your computer, so it still might be beneficial to adopt an offline/online workflow when dealing with these RAW files. Still, in situations where the full offline/online workflow might not be practical, it’s extremely nice to know that you can pull your CinemaDNG’s directly into Premiere and start editing. read more...

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