Adobe Technology Sneak Preview: Warp Stabilizer

Creating Motion Graphic on PVC by Chris Meyer

Adobe is teasing us After Effects users the week before NAB… Adobe TV just posted a video giving a technology preview of a new feature for After Effects called the Warp Stabilizer. This is an effect which, once applied to footage, automatically analyzes it, internally assigns a “cloud” of tracking points, and uses this information to smooth out camera motion (including both positional movement and rotation) that was in the shot. Some form of auto-cropping or scaling was also insinuated but not fully explained. Another feature inside Warp Stabilizer is the ability to minimize rolling shutter artifacts, which can become more apparent once motion has been dialed out of a shot.

Although no version number or timetable was mentioned, as Adobe posted this video publicly the week before NAB, one can only assume we’ll at least see it demonstrated at the show as well. We’ll be there, so stay tuned…

Click here to watch the video

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