Adobe Updates Their Creative Cloud Apps

Larry's Blog by Larry Jordan

Late last week, Adobe upgraded all their video applications. Programs updated include:

  • Premiere Pro CC
  • After Effects CC
  • SpeedGrade CC
  • Prelude CC
  • Adobe Media Encoder CC
  • Adobe Story


Since the initial release of the Creative Cloud versions of all Adobe applications, Adobe continues its rapid pace of rolling out updates. The October, 2013, update was the third since launch.

What impresses me most about this update are not the features themselves, though there is a lot to like in this update, but the fact that Adobe is aggressively improving Premiere.

For a long time, Premiere languished in the doldrums of “almost-but-not-quite.” Since the CC release, Premiere can stand with the best. (And, no, I’m not about to define what “best” means.)

New with this version are:

  • Support for multiple GPUs
  • The ability to render multiple sequences at once.
  • Smoother transfers between Premiere and SpeedGrade. This “Direct-Link” allows SpeedGrade to open a Premiere project, including multiple layers, for color grading, then send it back to Premiere without requiring rendering first.
  • Enhanced timeline editing
  • Improved multicam editing
  • Improved closed captioning
  • The ability to move timeline markers when you insert, delete or ripple trim a clip
  • The ability to drag markers to new timeline locations
  • Sequences now display icons of their content in the Project panel.


For me, the more exciting news is at opposite ends of the post-production process: Prelude for ingest and Media Encoder for compression. read more...

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