An Early Look at the Next Version of Adobe Premiere Pro

PVC by Scott Simmons

A ton of new features and changes means Premiere Pro continues to get better

With NAB 2013 just around the corner it should come as no surprise that Adobe has let their cat out of the bag by letting the world get a sneak peek at what’s coming in the next version quite a few of the Creative Suite applications that many video pros depend on. Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, Prelude and Speed Grade will all see updates. You’ll have to look around for some other posts about what’s new in the majority of those tools we I’m going to concentrate on the next Premiere Pro.

I’ve had just enough time to dig into this next version of Adobe Premiere Pro and check out some of the feature improves, both new and upgraded. Overall it’s going to be another solid release that continues Adobe’s vision of Premiere Pro being a top notch editor that can stand toe-to-toe with both Avid Media Composer and either version of Final Cut Pro. Does this release address every issue that FCP7 editors have been complaining about since many of them moved over? No. Does this release add a whole lot of feature improvements and additions that make the NLE better? Yes. Is there ever going to be a perfect NLE that editors won’t complain about? Well of course not. What fun would that be?

The Big Feature Additions to this next version of Adobe Premiere Pro

Media Management and a much improved Link Media option with Link and Locate

We have all complained that one of Premiere Pro’s main weaknesses was in the area of media management. It’s always been very FCP like in that it seems to be just a file name and file path that PPro has used for media management. The next version of PPro will come with something called Link and Locate. read more...

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