Ask The Videoguys | YoloLiv Instream, NewTek Certifications, Netgear Desktop Switches, and More!

On today's Videoguys Live, Jim hosts our Ask The Videoguys show in which he answers some commonly asked questions we get about livestreaming. Today's topics include YoloLiv Instream, NewTek TriCaster Certifications, Netgear Desktop Switches, Storage for Live Productions, Atomos Connect Family, and using PTZ Controllers for multiple PTZ Cameras.

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Do You Really Believe In Vertical Video?

Yes! Lots of people are using vertical video to stream to Instagram and TikTok. There are more people watching videos on phones than any other display and it is becoming very common for marketing videos, social media influencer channels, performers, and more.

YoloLiv Instream is Vertical Streaming Made Easy

  • Live On The Go: Entire mobile live stream studio in one box vertical streaming to Instagram & TikTok
  • Multi-Cam: 2 HDMI In + 1 USB In + SD Card
  • All-in-One: Encoder, switcher, recorder, monitor
  • Running on One Device: No computer or OBS required
  • 3 Ways to Connect: Wifi, 4G LTE, Ethernet
  • Total Touch Screen Control: Operate intuitively as your smartphone
  • Internal Battery: Lasts for 3+ hours
  • Portability and Mobility: Compact size, fits into backpack
  • $1,299.00

How To Setup The Camera To Use YoloLiv Instream?

  • For now, you must turn your camera 90 degrees for vertical video
  • Firmware coming soon for cropping

Watch our YoloLiv Instream Product Spotlight HERE!

How Do I Become A NewTek TriCaster Certified Operator?

  • NewTek University is a resource provided by NewTek to help train their users on the product line
  • This training along with many others can be found on NewTek University Hub
  • Tip! when you enroll in the course, you will only have access for 180 days.

How Are The New Netgear M4250 Switches Different Than The Ones You Have Been Recommending?

  • The new units are not rackmountable. These smaller units can easily be placed on a desk, mounted under the desk or even behind a monitor​
  • Sleek, quiet design with less fan noise​
  • Perfect companion to portable production systems like the NewTek TriCaster Mini X


  • 8x1G PoE+
  • TPD 110W
  • 1x1G 
  • 1xSFP
  • $599.99


  • 8x1G PoE+
  • TPD  220W
  • 2xSFP+
  • $899.99 
Total Ports 1G SFP PoE Ports Total Power Form Factor Price
10 9 1 8xPoE+ 110W Desktop $599.99
10 8 2xSFP+ 8xPoE+ 220W Desktop $899.99
12 10 2 8xPoE+ 125W 1U $609.99
12 10 2xSFP+ 8xPoE+ 240W 1U $979.99
12 10 2xSFP+ 8xPoE+ 720W 1U $1,199.99

How Do You Properly Store and Back-Up Your Live Productions?

  • Built-in storage - TriCaster or Wirecast Gear system drives​
  • Attached storage including USB hard drives or SSDs connected to your production system​
  • On camera storage including media - SD, Cfast, Compact Flash​
  • On camera Monitor/Recorder - like the Atomos Ninja V

I Have The Atomos Ninja V. How Does The ATOMOS CONNECT Allow Me To Stream Directly From That?

  • The Atomos Connect add-on accessory connects to any Ninja V or Ninja V+ and allows you to connect to your network with up to Wi-Fi 6 or Gigabit Ethernet to encode to Atomos Stream​
  • Newest update allows Atomos Stream to send your video directly to Facebook Live, Twitch, YouTube or secure RTMP with even more features coming soon


Upgrade Your Ninja V / V+ HDMI Monitor & Stream SDI / HDMI Integrated Device
$399.00 $399.00 $1,299.00

Can One PTZ Controller Control Multiple PTZ Cameras?

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