Atomos Connect – Sundance Film Festival – Shot and produce and turn around on the same day!

Watch how this team of filmmakers to capture the  Sundance Film Festival, all in real time. This is a perfect example of the creative journey to bring the festival’s exciting happenings to the world with the help of the Atomos Ninja V and Atomos Connect and well as Adoble Create Cloud and

How Ninja helped Sundance:

  • Daily recap, Press clips and social media, panel discussions and delivering for everybody at home.
  • The Ninja V was used by all camera teams during Sundance, allowing more than half a dozen editors to work simultaneously on the same footage.
  • The time-saving benefits of the Ninja V and Camera to Cloud were significant, with editors able to work almost in real-time, even with footage coming in from the field.
  • The use of cutting-edge technologies like the Atomos Ninja and Adobe Suite allowed filmmakers to focus on creativity and storytelling, while the technology supported their efforts and made the filmmaking process more approachable for the average filmmaker.
  • Sundance relied on Atomos, Adobe Suite and for their C2C workflow to create and distribute content during the festival.

Learn more about Atomos here!

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