Atomos Ninja V is Popular and Powerful

The Atomos Ninja V is a popular, crowd favorite for filmmakers, cinematographers and content creators of all kinds. Recently, posted a great article detailing some of their favorite features of the Atomos Ninja V.

The Ninja V is one of the few monitor options, first and foremost, the consistently can be found at the top of most filmmakers preferred gear list. This also includes the Atomos Ninja V+ which is an even more powerful monitor in the Ninja V family. 

Ninja V is perfect for those shooting HDR or SDR, and has officially tested compatibility with over thirty different cameras.  It also supports ProRes RAW to achieve even larger flexibility. 

"The Ninja V was pretty groundbreaking when first released in terms of its ProRes RAW integration, which we now see some regularly with the Ninja V+. However, while the “big brother” product is indeed awesome, the Ninja V itself remains one of the brightest stars of the Atomos brand."

Check out the full article from to learn more about this monitor.

Learn more about Atomos HERE.


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