Atomos Ninja V & Panasonic LUMIX GH5S – ProRes RAW Coming Soon

Atomos has announced the new functionalities with their brand new firmware update to the Ninja V

New Features: 

  • ProRes­­­ RAW support for the Panasonic LUMIX GH5S and Ninja V users (coming soon)
  • Enhanced metadata on Sony Alpha 7SIII with AtomOS 10.64 (available now).

"Both are great opportunities to present the Ninja V as the go-to solution for filmmakers looking to push the boundaries of the content they can create with these cameras. Please make sure to promote these announcements in your market, to ensure that you maximize on sales of the Ninja V to users looking to take advantage of these new functionalities." wrote Atomos in an official announcement.

Latest Edition

The popular GH5S will now be compatible with ProRes RAW and be able to record up to 4Kp60 DCI ProRes RAW when combined with the Ninja V. They've also let you record up to 3.7Kp60 for anamorphic RAW. 

"Hugely popular in everything from streaming and vlogging environments to big budget cinema production, since its release in 2018 the GH5S has proved itself to be perfectly geared towards any shoot. Its compact size make it perfect for gimbal and drone work, its Micro Four Thirds image sensor provides flexible lens options, affordable anamorphic capture and dual native ISO provide the next level of production utilizing the power of ProRes RAW. The ProRes RAW files captured with this combination will come with full metadata support in Final Cut Pro for White Balance and ISO slider adjustments upon release," wrote Atomos. 

This can be enabled via a firmware update to be released on JUNE 9TH, 2021! You'll also need to put the "free of charge" firmware update on the GH5S itself. 

AtomOS Firmware update 10.64 now available for Ninja V

This update focuses on the Sony Alpha 7SIII which has added more to the metadata of your files. The will enable the camera's White Balance and ISO/Exposure Offset adjustments available within Final Cut Pro. 

This enhancement is exactly the same as what was done with the Alpha 1 & FX3. 

Get the firmware download here!

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