Atomos Ninja V Users Firmware Update Including Social Media Focused Frame Guide

Atomos recently announced an exciting firmware update for their popular Ninja V Monitor/ Recorder device. Their new Ninja V v10.3 firmware update is a free download from the Atomos website, and brings a variety of new features and fixes.

New Frame Guides for Social Media: Ninja V is without doubt an easy to use and a popular tool to create social content. Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and other social media content creators are aware of how important is to have all in frame.  

Listening to user feedback, Atomos has implemented new frame guides for social media. With Ninja V, filmmakers can now shoot with different frame guides and ensure that no matter the social platform their social content will always look great and fit in different formats.  

Content creators can now choose between 1:1 perfect for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, 4:5 portrait vertical aspect ratio Instagram 1.91:1 landscape, horizontal aspect ratio Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and 9:16 portrait vertical aspect ratio Instagram stories, Instagram TV, Snapchat and YouTube.

9 Grid overlay: In addition to the new frame guides included in the FW update, a new 9 Grid overlay has been included in this update.  This allows for better framing when using the rule of thirds theory for image composition. 

Range Setting: With the new FW update, Ninja V users will find now a HDMI Legal/Full Range setting. This setting allows them to choose between Legal Range 16-235 and Full Range 0-255 (legalize toggle ON) for the input signal and get this information directly into their NLE.

IRE Scale for False Color:
 False color is an essential tool helping filmmakers getting a correct exposure. An IRE scale with values has been added to False Color mode view. 

File Naming. File naming is now rolling with the ability to maintain a consistent file naming structure after formatting of a drive. This function can be turned on or off.  

Ninja V is the best monitor recorder in the market. Please inform your channel to keep them offering Ninja V as a revolutionary monitor recorder that fulfill customer's needs and spread out this firmware update among their customers as they will for sure love it ! 

This FW update is expected to be ready tomorrow within the day. Please check it out and Download the FW once is ready here -->Ninja V FW Update 10.3


Important Information after update Ninja V to FW v10.3

With the installation of this new update ALL users will be required to activate ProRes Raw, as a codec (as they would DNx). Following the Firmware update, if in ProRes RAW mode the Atomos devices will default back to ProRes HQ. When a RAW source is plugged in or a user selects ProRes Raw Codec, a UI popup will ask for activation code to continue. Even If the user has already been shooting with ProRes RAW with the former FW, they must activate it in this update by visiting Atomos website and follow instructions to generate a code. This webpage is already updated to do this activation for ProRes Raw.


Learn more about Atomos HERE.

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