Atomos SHOGUN 7 gets ProRes RAW update for Sony FX6 recently gave us an update from Atomos for the Shoguns 7 and the FX6 camera. 

Atomos has officially released their most recent firmware update for the Shogun 7 so it can use raw recordings from the FX6. It can now record up to 60fps. 

AtomOS 10.43 is free, like most of Atomos' firmware upgrades. It enables up to DCI 4Kp60 full frame ProRes RAW recordings from the Sony FX6. 

NOW Apple ProRes RAW is available to record from the FX6 using the Shogun 7. The FX6 nativly sends an output over SDI. The Shogun 7 now lets users record from the FX6 in full ProRes RAW to get the best look possible from your footage. 

You can get the AtomOS 10.43 upgrade here!

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Check out the Shogun 7 here!

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