Atomos Shogun 7
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Atomos Shogun 7 is a precision HDR monitor-recorder-switcher designed for the film and video professional. It can be used as either a stand-alone field monitor, recorder and switcher for event, documentary and live in-the-field storytelling; or as a tool for large-scale on-set episodic TV, film and cinema productions where multiple crew members such as focus pullers, grips and cinematographers require a consistent visual reference across the field monitor ecosystem. Shogun 7's portable size lets you monitor, analyze and tag while on set; and check how your content will look in your audience’s home via real-time Dolby Vision output. With Shogun 7 you’re not locked into any format, camera manufacturer or pipeline. It is a completely flexible master recording and production station.


  • Without batteries & media: 709g/25ox.
  • Dimensions ( W x H x D mm): 214 x 127 45mm
  • Construction: Polycarbonate ABS
  • Mounting points: 1/4”-20 screw mount. 1x top and 1x bottom


  • Operating power : 10- 33W
  • Compatible batteries: Atomos NP-F series and supporting accessories
  • Input voltage (battery): 6.2V to 16.8V
  • Battery time (based on 2 x 7.4V): 5200mAh - up to 1.5hrs (monitor & record 4K 30p)
  •                                                       7800mAh - up to 2.2hrs (monitor & record 4K 30p)
  • DC In: 1 x DC in (6.2 - 16.8V)


  • Size: 7.2"
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1280
  • PPI: 325
  • Aspect ratio: 19:9 native
  • Color Gamut:Up to Wide color gamut (105% DCI-P3)
  • Look up table (LUT) support: 3D LUT (.cube format)
  • Anamorphic de-squeeze:2x, 1.5x, 1.33x
  • Technology: Dynamic AtomHDR zoned backlight IPS LCD

Dynamic AtomHDR Technology
  • Backlight: Direct LED
  • Zones: 360 direct backlight individual LEDs
  • LEDs: Wide Color Calibrated D65 or D95
  • Bit depth: 10-bit (8+2 FRC)
  • Color: DCI-P3 105%
  • Brightness: 1500nit (+/- 10%)
  • Control: On the fly real-time brightness analysis for LED control
  • HDR Conversion: Log/RAW to HLG or PQ

HDR Monitoring Technology
  • Gamma : Sony SLog / SLog2 / SLog3 Canon CLog / CLog2 / Clog3 ARRI Log CEI160 / LogCEI200 / LogCEI250 / LogCEI320 / LogCEI400 / LogCEI500 / LogCEI640 / LogCEI800 / LogCEI1000 / LogCEI1280 / LogCEI1600 Panasonic Vlog JVC JLog1 RED Log3G10 / RED LogFilm FujiFilm F-log Nikon N-Log PQ10k HLG
  • Gamut Sony SGamut / SGamut3 / SGamut3.cine Canon Cinema / DCI P3 / DCI P3+ Nikon Bt2020 Panasonic V Gamut Arri Alexa Wide Gamut Rec709 / BT.2020 JVC RED WideGamut / RED DragonColor / DragonColor2 / RED Color2 / RED Color3 / RED Color4 /

Video input/loop out

  • HDMI: HDMI 1 x HDMI (2.0)
  • SDI: Quad Link 4 x 3G/6G SDI*, 4 x 3G-SDI, 2x 12G single link SDI
  • Signal: Uncompressed true 10-bit or 8-bit 422
  • (camera dependent)
  • Genlock: Genlock input signal and output signal 


Video output (play out)

  • HDMI: 1 x HDMI (2.0)
  • SDI: 2x 4K-SDI 12G or HD-SDI 3G/6G
  • Signal: Uncompressed true 10-bit or 8-bit 422
  • (playback file dependent)
Video signal conversion
  • HDMI to SDI 
  • SDI to HDMI 

Audio in/out (48kHz PCM audio)
  • HDMI: 2 or 8ch 24-bit, camera dependent
  • SDI: 12ch 48kHz 24-bit
  • Audio: 2ch balanced XLR analogue in/out
    Dynamic range >90dB
    Max signal level +24dBu
    Max analogue gain +52dB
    48V Phantom Power for Mic
  • Headphone out: 3.5mm 2ch.

Supported Codecs & frame rates (record & playback)
  • Raw to: ProRes RAW          
    CDNG up to 30p only)         
     Avid DNxHD
  • Sony^^ FS700, FS-5, FS-7, FS-7MkII:  
    4K DCI; 24/25/30/50/60p
    4K UHD; not supported in camera
    2K; 24/25/30/50/60/100/120/200/240p
    1080; not supported in camera
  • Canon C300MKII/C500 CDNG
    4K DCI; 24/25/30p
    4K UHD; 24/25/30p
    2K; not supported in camera
    1080; not supported in camera
  • Panasonic VaricamLT, EVA1
    5.7K DCI; 24/25/30p (EVA1 ProRes RAW only)
    4K DCI; 24/25/30/50/60p
    4K UHD; 24/25/30/50/60p
    2K; 24/25/30/50/60/100/120/200/240p 1080; not supported in camera
  • Supported base resolution & FPS from cameras:
    4K DCI: 23.98/29.9/59.94p
    4K UHD: 23.98/29.9/59.94p
    2K DCI: 23.98/29.9/59.94p
    1080p: 23.98/29.9/59.94p
  • Supported FPS & resolution from gaming consoles and graphic cards: 1080p; 24/25/30/50/60/100/120

Onboard processing
  • Pulldown removal: 24/25/30pSF > 24/25/30p (2:2 pulldown) 60i > 24p (3:2 pulldown)
  • 4K UHD downscale for HD monitoring: Yes - Loop-out and playback (Not available in RA

Remote start/stop
  • HDMI: Auto HDMI Trigger. Supported Protocols - Dolby Vision, Canon, Sony, Atomos Open Standard
  • SDI: SDI trigger camera selectable
  • Other: LANC control - Slave

Playlist / Genlock / LTC : Yes / Yes / Yes
CDNG (Recorded content) : No support
ProRes (Recorded content): ProRes (Recorded content)
DNxHR / DNxHD (recorded content): All recorded files can playback. Playback in slow motion >= 100fps.



  • Pre-roll record: Yes (HD 8s, 4K 2s).
  • Custom timelapse: Yes*
  • Supported media: 2.5” SSD/HDD compatibility depends on recording format, resolution and frame rate. Visit for list of tested and approved drives
  • Master caddy case: Master Caddy II (included)
  • 75mm x 105mm x 12mm
  • Master caddy dock: 2.5” SATA to USB 2.0/3.0
  • Supported applications: Final Cut Pro / Media Composer / Premiere Pro / After Effects / EDIUS / Vegas Pro / Lightworks / Autodesk Smoke

All specifications correct when published, subject to E&OE.
24/30/60 frame rates also means 23.98/29.97/59.94 frame rates for all resolution
*Available in future firmware updates
^^ Optional unit (XDCA-FS7) needed for Raw output.”


  • Shogun 7 unit
  • Master Caddy II x 1
  • 12V-3A AC power supply
  • Carry Case
  • Quick Start guide

Optional extras

  • Accessory Kit: 2 x battery,1 x charger, 1 x power supply, HPRC case,USB dock, control cable, Dtap cable, Master Caddy x 4, Power supply, Sun hood
  • Power Kit: 2 x battery,
    1 x charger, 1 x power supply
  • Other: Atomos HDMI cable,
    Breakout XLR cable, X-Rite i1DisplayPro calibration


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