Avid Artist | DNxIQ First Look from NAB 2017

Meet the new video interface from Avid announced at NAB 2017! Now with Thunderbolt 3 and PCIe3 support for speed, denser pixels and more playout versatility. Read more from AvidBlogs:

Artist | DNxIQIt seems like every day there are new technologies, media formats, and tools hitting the market. For video professionals, it can be challenging (not to mention expensive) to keep up with the gear you need to accommodate today’s complex and rapidly changing workflows.

Enter Avid Artist | DNxIQ—the successor to Avid Artist | DNxIO.

Avid Artist | DNxIQ is a powerful video interface that gives you the extensive media support, format flexibility and speed you need to deliver great content with confidence—to the delight of your team and your audience. With Avid Artist | DNxIQ, broadcast and post-production professionals can easily capture, monitor, and output SD, HD, 2K, UHD, and 4K content...[continue reading on AvidBlogs]

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