Avid Launches New NLE Versions

DCP by Oliver Peters

Hell froze over with Avid’s launch of Symphony 6, Media Composer 6 and NewsCutter 10. Not only are these the long-awaited 64-bit versions, but one huge feature is Avid’s new open I/O architecture, which permits full implementation of third party hardware. Simultaneously support was announced by Matrox, MOTU, AJA, Blackmagic Design and Bluefish444 for their popular capture cards. For the first time, you can run Avid editing software alongside other NLE applications and share non-Avid hardware. So if you’ve owned a KONA or Decklink card and have been on the fence about adding Media Composer, the decision is now a simple software choice. In fact, this is the first time that Symphony has also been released in a software-only version, so you can also mix and match hardware with it, too. Now you can run Final Cut Pro 7, Premiere Pro CS 5.5 and Media Composer 6 or Symphony 6 all on the same rigs, including both laptop and desktop systems.

The most visible difference is a change in the appearance of the user interface. It’s a modern, darker look that’s somewhat reminiscence of Premiere Pro. There’s a definite lack of chrome and glitz with an interface that is intended to be efficient. A tabbed window layout has been employed so users can easily reconfigure their layouts according to need. Perhaps reacting to the user backlash from Apple’s FCP X launch, Avid execs have been careful to emphasis that user interaction with the software was not changed, so no need to retrain your muscle memory. This 64-bit rewrite was a two-year effort and is meant to be a foundation for changes down the road. There have been some under-the-hood changes, which aren’t yet visible as new features per se, but might be in future versions. Powerful optional tools like PhraseFind and ScriptSync will continue to work with this version, though no changes have been made to them. read more...

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