Avid Media Composer Editing: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Post Magazine interviewed The Last Jedi editor, Bob Ducsay. There's not a lot of tech talk or workflow description, it's more about his artistic approach, but he does reference the massive amounts of storage they had to manage. If you are an editor looking into best practices for video editing using RAID storage, or if you are a studio looking into shared storage and collaborative environments, definitely read our article, Videoguys NLE Video Storage FAQ (2017 Edition) Read the interview here: From PostMagazine.com

....Talk about your set up?

“We had a reasonably-large staff and a bunch of Avids, and a lot of storage. As you can imagine, there’s a lot of film on the movie and there are an enormous number of dailies, so all of that stuff is all on a network. I think we probably had nine or 10 Avid systems to put the movie together.”....Bob Ducsay is the editor on THE LAST JEDI.[continue reading]

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