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Avid listens to their customers.

A few years ago Avid did something unprecedented in our industry that many editors may have forgotten about. They took their show on the road. It wasn't actually a road show as much as it was a chance for their top management to visit with post-houses, professional editors, indie film makers and user groups. They asked what Avid needed to fix and when they asked for honest feedback, they sure got it! What did Avid do with this information? They used it to make their products better - dramatically better!!

Avid Media Composer with AMA and Mixed Format timelines

When Avid introduced Media Composer 5 two years ago at NAB, they took the show by storm. All the buzz was that Avid was back, and they were right! They had taken their leadership position in the market back with the industry's most powerful tapeless HD workflows. Media Composer 5's AMA unleashed the ability to edit HD formats natively including XD Cam, P2, DSLR footage, DNxHD and even ProRes. That's right - Editors could now edit Apple ProRes files natively on the Avid timeline - No transcoding, no re-wrapping, no file conversions - just bring it in and edit. Even better, you can Mix & Match various HD formats, CODECs and even frame rates on the same timeline!

Opening up to 3rd party Hardware

When Avid announced Media Composer 5 they also announced support for the Matrox MXO2 Mini for HD previews direct from the Media Composer timeline. At this year's NAB they announced additional support for the AJA Io Express and the MXO2 Mini with MAX and it looks like more hardware support is on the way. It's no longer a matter of if, but when. And with the current state of the NLE market, I expect the "WHEN" to be sooner rather than later!!

Last year Avid purchased Euphonix and integrated that technology so the Artist Series controllers and control surfaces now work perfectly with Media Composer and ProTools. Avid Media Composer 5.5 ships with a very nice suite of 3rd party plug-ins but there are many, many more that are compatible as well. The Avid universe keeps expanding.

Media Composer Crossgrade - Final Cut Editors may get the full Avid Media Composer 5.5 with Avid Production Suite for under $1,000!

With the competitive landscape shifting and changing, Avid decided that they had enough. Avid's business is video editing and content creation. They are not a consumer electronics company, they make products for every level of content creation, and they know their bread and butter business are Professional Editors - the people who make a living and feed their families creating video. It was time to get you back, and boy does Avid have an offer for you. For a limited time only, Apple Final Cut Owners can Crossgrade to Avid Media Composer 5.5 for only $995. Just complete this form and provide your FCP proof of ownership and you're back with Avid. The company that understands your workflows, values your skills, appreciates the work you do, and wants you as a customer for life. Now who can argue with that?!?

A message from Avid's CEO, Gary Greenfield

There have been unprecedented conversations taking place online, in the press, and in person about professional video editing during the last couple of weeks. And the discussion has been both passionate and personal, because this is about your livelihood.

For Avid, making great video and audio products to serve the needs of professionals - top editors, whether for film, theatrical, television, broadcasters, major film and music studios, or independent film producers is our lifeblood. You can depend on us to be thinking about your needs first.

Over the last few years you have helped us double down on our efforts to improve our products with the features and reliability you need for great story telling – we have been led there by you. Whether you’re working independently or collaborating with others, Avid wants you to know we are going to be there to help make you successful.

We are listening. And one of the things you have clearly said is that you want Media Composer to be more accessible. In response to your feedback, we are extending the cross-grade to Media Composer - through September. Final Cut Pro (excluding FCP X) users can get Media Composer 5.5 at the promotional price of $995. Just complete this form and provide your FCP proof of ownership and you're back with Avid.

Avid Media Composer 5.5 Crossgrade for Final Cut Owners "Crossgrade" to Avid Media Composer 5.5 Crossgrade for FCP Editors EXTENDED Through September 30th!

Many pros in the industry recognize that you can get more work having both Final Cut Pro and Media Composer in your editing arsenal. Not only does Media Composer complement your existing workflow, it opens doors and enables you to do even more—faster.

If you’re not getting what you need to succeed—we want to help make things a little easier. Plus, Avid will give you a gift card to get a free copy of the Media Composer for Final Cut Pro Users training DVD (a $99 USD value, or local currency equivalent), so you can get up and running fast.

Here are just some features Final Cut Editors will love:

  • Instantly edit ProRes, QuickTime, RED, XDCAM, and more through AMA
  • Get everything you need in the professional ACE-certified toolset
  • Mix and match formats, frame rates, resolutions, and more—in real time, no rendering
  • Edit quickly using drag and drop, or use advanced tools for ultra-precise cutting
  • Get the look you want with built-in color, keying, motion tracking, transition, and effects tools

The FCP to Media Composer 5.5 promotion pricing is available now through 9/30/2011 at Videoguys.com

To purchase online, you will be required to present your original FCP documentation (such as your install guide) and your FCP serial number for verification and be instructed to complete and submit this form.

EXTENDED Through September!

Check out the Videoguys Blog post on this fantastic offer and our incredible bundles!

Are you moving from Final Cut Pro to Avid?
Need a way to transfer your Final Cut Pro sequences to Media Composer?

Avid Media Composer 5.5 Crossgrade with Boris Transfer FCP

https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0128/7847/9460/t/21/assets/description_image_mc55aaf.jpg?v=1584542552Boris Transfer FCP provides a set of two Final Cut Pro plug-ins for transferring sequences between Final Cut Pro and Avid editing and finishing systems. One of the plug-ins exports Avid-compatible AAF format files from Final Cut Pro to Avid. The other plug-in imports AAF format files from Avid to Final Cut Pro. Using Boris Transfer FCP, Avid and Final Cut Pro editors can exchange projects that include transitions, effects, image and time warps, 3rd-party effects, and keyframes. You can move sequences regardless of whether the media was originally acquired from videotape or tapeless cameras.

Special Promotional Price Now through 9/30/11

Boris Transfer FCP reg $299 - on sale now for just $149.95 - that's 50% off now through 9/30/11

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