Avid Wants You Back! Your Avid Xpress Pro or Xpress DV dongle is worth $500!!

Avid Wants You Back!
Your Avid Xpress Pro or Xpress DV dongle is worth $500!!

Upgrade from Avid Xpress DV or Pro to Avid Media Composer 7 for just $488 while supplies at Videoguys.com
PLUS FREE Class On Demand Training!

Avid Media Composer has long been the most trusted tool of professional editors. Media Composer 7 opens your possibilities even further, simplifying and accelerating file-based workflows and extending real-time production everywhere so you can focus on telling the best story possible. From new high-res workflows and AMA media management, to automated media operations and global collaboration, experience the industry’s preeminent NLE, now at the most affordable prices ever.

Videoguys' Bonus!
All Media Composer 7 Purchases now through 7/12 include a FREE Class On Demand Training Black Card - a $99 value that may be redeemed for 2-years of unlimited viewing of any online training title available at Classondemand.net

Avid Media Composer 7 $999.00
Upgrade from Version 6/6.5
Upgrade from Media Composer 6 or 6.5
Upgrade from Older Version
Upgrade from Media Composer 5.5 or older
Upgrade from Avid Xpress
For a limited time only: This is your last chance to Upgrade from Avid Xpress DV or Xpress Pro directly to MC7
while supplies last

FREE Upgrade Available Now, direct from Avid, for Media Composer 6.5 Owners who Purchased After April 7th, 2013

If you purchased Media Composer 6.5 after April 7, 2013, and activated the "Download Code" before June 27, 2013, you are entitled to a software upgrade to Avid Media Composer 7, from Avid, at no additional charge.

How the Process Works

  1. You purchased a physical kit for Media Composer 6.5 or Symphony 6.5 (either a new copy or an upgrade from a previous version) after April 7, 2013.

  2. You redeemed the "Download Code" received with your purchase before June 27, 2013.

  3. Now that Media Composer 7 is released and available, an upgrade license (Activation ID) and new installers have been automatically deposited into your Master Avid Account. You simply need to log into your account at http://account.avid.com/ to retrieve their update.

  • If you purchase and register Media Composer 6.5 after 6/27 you will automatically be offered MC7 in your Master Avid Account. This applies to Full versions, Upgrades & Student/ Educational.

    • If a customer needs to use Media Composer 6.5.3 or 6.0.4, they will be able to activate these software versions with the Media Composer 7.0 license.

4. Dongle - Customers that still use a a dongle will trade-in or redeem their new 7/11 Activation ID/serial # at the following link. http://www.avid.com/US/support/upgrade/video

How to update a dongle: Customers will enter their system ID, Dongle serial # ( both can be found on the dongle tag) and new activation ID along with their name and email from the original registration and if all is legit the site will generate a updater.avd file. Instructions along with the dongle manager utility for Mac and Win is still located at www.avid.com/dongle

Let's talk a bit about how much Avid has changed over the years. First and foremost, Avid Media Composer is very affordable. At NAB this past April 2013, Avid not only announced the new version, they also announced the new MSRP for Media Composer 7 at $999, and that existing Media Composer owners would be able to upgrade for as little as $299 to Media Composer 7. That is a dramatic pricing change and it makes Media Composer affordable for video editors of every level, including event cinematographers, independent filmmakers, worship videographers, corporate video shops and online media producers.

Avid is still offering college students the chance to purchase the Student version of Media Composer for just $295 with 4 years of free upgrades. Institutions and faculty can also take advantage of the $295 price point.

In addition to its new low price, Avid Media Composer now has a much lower overall total cost of ownership. You do not require an expensive HP/Dell workstation or Mac Pro to edit video with Media Composer. Thousands of video editors all over the world are editing video using our DIY builds as a guideline for putting together a powerful, yet affordable Windows PC. You can edit on a laptop or Mac Book Pro, as well as an iMac. Media Composer does not require any special hardware to run just as long as you stick to the basic requirements outlined on the Media Composer Product Pages or on the Videoguys' PC & Mac System Recommendations for Avid Media Composer 7

The major determining factor on how much computer you will actually need is the format of your source footage (SD or HD). Editing DSLR, GoPro or AVCHD footage takes a lot of horsepower because these formats are very compressed. The video quality is spectacular but you need a powerful computer to work with the media. Fortunately, you can find these powerful computers everywhere today.

Let's get back to what makes Avid Media Composer such a great choice for you?

Avid Media Composer supports all the latest tapeless HD workflows: With their AMA technology you can drag and drop you video files right into your Avid Bins, and then start editing. As we said earlier, Avid cuts DSLR, GoPro, AVCHD footage great, as well as the more professional formats like P2, XD CAM and RED. With Avid Media Composer 7, they have added a tool called FrameFlex that will allow you to work with 2K/4K footage while outputting what your customer’s want and can view, HD finished projects!

Avid has the best media management tools of any NLE in the industry: You've got terabytes full of video footage, in a wide variety of formats. You need to keep track of it and you want to be able to get to it quickly. Avid lets you manage your media with ease. It's important to understand that Avid is engineered to work in networked environments with potentially hundreds of editors working together who need access to thousands of clips stored in massive racks of storage. If Media Composer can handle that level of complexity, keeping track of your footage is a piece of cake.

Avid is what the pros use: I know this sounds like just hype, but it's not. While other NLEs have gotten less professional (i.e. Apple FCPX) or are striving to become more professional (i.e. Adobe Premiere Pro), Avid has always been the professional’s choice. Every nominated film for the last few Oscar Awards has been edited on Avid. Avid invented Non Linear Editing. Supporting professional Film, Video and Audio workflows is the heart and soul of Avid. That is all that Avid does. They are focused on you, the video editor.

Videoguys has been a top Avid reseller since they introduced their first pro-sumer NLE, Avid Xpress DV over ten years ago. We plan on being one of their top resellers for another ten years and beyond. So does Avid. They are listening to their customers and delivering the features you most need and want, while also creating new features and tools that will allow you to be even more creative and take your productions to the next level.

Avid Pro Video and Pro Audio Community: The Avid Pro Video Community is free so whether you need help, want to offer help, have clips to share, or want to connect with thousands of fellow Avid editors from around the world, you’ll find a wealth of information and resources on the Avid Pro Video Community. The Get Started Fast Forum on the Pro Video Community was actually started for those editors migrating from Xpress DV, Xpress Pro or FCP to Media Composer so the folks online know how to help. You can seek advice from the Avid staff and other customers or just stay up to date on the latest tools and techniques or get helpful tips, tricks, and tutorials from others in the Avid Community. Today there are over 300,000 customers communicating and collaborating online with over 80 customer moderators and 30 Avid employees to make sure you have the information you need.

Avid is giving you the chance to own the very latest version of Media Composer for under $500!
If you can't find your old dongle, or you never owned Avid before, you can purchase Media Composer for just $999. When you purchase Media Composer you own it, and you can upgrade whenever you want, and whenever it's right for your budget. When you do choose to take advantage of an affordable Media Composer upgrade, you won't have to worry about backwards compatibility. All your old Media Composer projects can be opened in any later version of Media Composer. You can easily share your projects with other Avid editors, or move them to another Avid editing machine.

Buy Media Composer 6.5 today, get Media Composer 7 for FREE!
Avid is running a special offer that anyone who buys Media Composer 6.5 today qualifies for a FREE upgrade when version 7 is released. You'll have to log into your Avid user account, update your activation to version 7 and download the software. You will not have to install the upgrade until you are ready, but you will want to make sure you register for the upgrade and update your activation as soon as Avid releases. To check out all the new features in Media Composer 7 visit our Avid Media Composer FAQ.

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We expect a ton of new information, feature highlights and reviews of the new Avid Media Composer 7 in the next few weeks and we'll post them all in the Videoguys' Blog with the tag MC7

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Is your Computer System Ready for MC7!
In addition to its new low price, Avid Media Composer now has a much lower overall total cost of ownership. You do not require an expensive HP/Dell workstation or Mac Pro to edit video with Media Composer. Find out what you do need...

Click here to read our PC & Mac recommendations

Media Composer 7 with Symphony Option
Expand Your Production Capabilities with
Advanced Color Correction & more

Avid Symphony Color Correction option lets editors add advanced color correction tools previously found only in Avid Symphony. This option is a $1,499 add-on to Media Composer 7 but Avid editors may take advantage of our Symphony 6.5 Upgrade today at just $999 and get a free upgrade to Media Composer 7 with Symphony Option

Media Composer with the Symphony Option includes the same feature set as previous
versions of the Symphony stand-alone software. By adding the Symphony Option to your Media Composer v7 software, you enable Universal Mastering, the full Symphony Color Correction feature set, which includes secondary color correction and Boris Continuum Complete v8.x

Avid Media Composer 7
with Symphony Option


Upgrade from Version 6/6.5
Upgrade from Avid Symphony 6 or 6.5 to the the new Avid Media Composer 7 with Symphony Option

Upgrade from Older Version
Upgrade from Avid Symphony 5.5 or older to the the new Avid Media Composer 7 with Symphony Option

Upgrade from Avid Xpress
or Media Composer
Upgrade from any version of Avid Xpress Pro, DV or Media Composer to the new MC7 with Symphony Option
$999.00 while supplies last

reg. $1,495.00

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