COW: Avid Unveils Media Composer 6

Creative COW by Debra Kaufman with Shane Ross

With the release of Media Composer version 6, NewsCutter version 10 and Symphony version 6 - all available on November 15 - Avid is making good on its promise to pursue a path of openness and 64-bit performance. "This is a release we've been looking forward to announcing," says Avid Segment Marketing Manager Angus Mackay. "These are landmark, game-changing releases from Avid."

In the wake of Apple's release of FCPX, in DATE, Avid held an event in Burbank ("Avid Reiterates Commitment to Professional Market") to reassure its professional users that it was committed to their needs. "We talked about the importance of openness, collaboration and productivity for Avid," says Mackay. "We've been working hard towards that and, with version 6, are delivering a release that's satisfying a number of customer requests. We're committed to professionals and these new versions are about understanding the challenges our customers face with their workflows and bringing innovative solutions to allow them to be more productive."

64-bit architecture
The new versions for all three products have been completely rebuilt from the core, notes Mackay. "As a new, open 64-bit architecture, it gives users access to more RAM and lets them use system resources more efficiently," he says. "The net result is to be able to do more with existing equipment. Customers can take on larger projects, more complex visual effects and enjoy a better system response across the board.

Picture editor Shane Ross, who cuts series and specials for The History Channel, Discovery Channel and National Geographic, beta tested Media Composer version 6. "By moving to 64-bit architecture, Avid is solving a lot of problems it used to have," says Ross, who is currently cutting a Deadliest Catch special. "It used to be you couldn't have lots of bins open at the same time without really slowing the system down, and 64-bit has made that much easier." read more...

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