Creative COW: Wanna Switch? Avid Media Composer video tutorials

Whether you are new to editing, or are thinking about making a switch, these five tutorials will have you up and editing in Avid Media Composer. Kevin P McAuliffe, a Media Composer editor for over 15 years will teach you capturing & importing, project organization, editing, titling & effects and outputting.

These tutorials will give you the ability to sit down in front of any version of Media Composer, and be up and running in minutes. And, for Final Cut Pro 7 editors who are thinking about making the switch, see FCP7 and Media Composer side-by-side, and learn how simple it really is to make a switch. This is one week on the Cow you don't want to miss!

Wanna Switch? - Lesson 1 - Projects & User Settings
If you aren't happy with the direction that Apple has decided to go, and want to switch NLE's, this in-depth look at Avid's Media Composer is for you. Looking at FCP7 and Media Composer side by side, in lesson one, we start by looking at the differences between how projects are handled, and how to set up your user settings in Media Composer.

Wanna Switch? - Lesson 2 - Digitizing & Importing
Every project starts with acquiring footage and in this tutorial, Kevin P McAuliffe looks at not only digitizing footage, but importing and the new Avid "AMA Link to" feature as well.

Wanna Switch? - Lesson 3 - Bins and Project Organization
The focal point of your Media Composer project is your bins, and in this tutorial, Kevin P McAuliffe talks about bins, setting up different bin views, and the different layouts you can use to organize your footage.

Wanna Switch? - Lesson 4 - Editing
In this lesson, Kevin P McAuliffe shows you the basics of editing, and throws in a few bells and whistles to help speed up your overall workflow.

Wanna Switch? - Lesson 5 - Effects & Titling
In this lesson, Kevin P McAuliffe shows you Media Composer's "Go To" effect, the 3D Warp, and how easy it is to create basic titles for your sequence. Then, to wrap it all up, he shows a great and often overlooked feature of the basic title tool, that will have you staying in your NLE to do most of your titling effects.

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