EdPrep optimization tool for Avid Workstations

EdPrep is a simple tool for optimising PCs running Microsoft Windows in preparation for the installation and operation of Avid editing software. Previously only available internally to Avid (and used by Avid staff for preparing systems in-house) it is intended as a tool for Project Engineers and System Integrators as well as support staff. In addition to as applying the necessary settings it provides a rapid means of checking them afterwards and has some useful tools built in as well.

EdPrep is designed to work with and has been extensively tested on systems using Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Vista - both 32-bit and 64-bit. EdPrep is not available for MacOS, Unix, Linux, Xenix, Spandex, Kleenex or anything else you were going to ask about.

As an engineer working with Avid products you can do whatever you set your mind to. "Can't" isn't in your vocabulary. You're tireless, brilliant and resourceful. Because of this, and also because I have no money to pay the tech support guy, support is not available for EdPrep. Having said that, EdPrep isn't too complicated but, if you're one those people who usually has the Avid Support team on your cellphone speed-dial list, you might want to think twice before using EdPrep. So, with the disclaimer out of the way, download it, use it and make all of our lives a little bit easier.

Latest Information
EdPrep now has additional functionality on the NTP tab for checking the connection to and resyncing with an NTP server, see the ReadMe for details. EdPrep 1.6 will run on Windows 7 but there is no new Windows 7 functionality (you'll have to wait for EdPrep2 for that) and some settings will not apply on W7. The indicator for these will remain red indicating that it must be set manually. EdPrep 1.6 includes the fixes from 1.54 and 1.56 for the Intel NIC Tx/Rx descriptors and SpeedDuplex setting not being set correctly for Unity ISIS clients under Windows Vista (Windows XP clients were not affected by this).

Click to download the latest version (EdPrep 1.6)

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