Sidekamera by MRMC

 Slidekamer by MRMC is the perfect tool to elevate your productions. 

Slidekamera is a manufacturer of motion control devices, tools and accessories for the film and TV industry. Slidekamera delivers off-the-shelf solutions and custom designs for both individual filmmakers and large studios. MRMC’s acquisition of the Slidekamera product range expand our robotics offering and enhances our PTZ enablement solutions with a range of motion robotics that allow more creative shots to be achieved with these simple robotic cameras.

The process of evolving solutions acquired from Slidekamera has already begun, including the integration of MRMC’s AI system Polymotion Chat with Slidekamera’s robotic pan/tilt heads.

Slidekamera is very well regarded by its customers, and we will continue to serve those selling Slidekamera branded products through their current sales channels as well as offering the same products with support for MRMC’s ecosystem badged by MRMC.



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