Epiphan Pearl Nano - Product Spotlight & Overview

Introducing the new Epiphan Pearl NanoThe perfect fit streamer and recorder for your smaller end productions 

The Epiphan Pearl Nano is perfect for places where you might not need all of the features of the Pearl Mini or Pearl 2 

This is a small, compact, rugged video streamer and recorder that’s easy to use, versatileand provides professional quality streams.  

Easily add this device to any network over DHCP or static IP. 

Eliminate cables with POE+, meaning you can use Power over Ethernet to power your device. 

Use their HDMI and SDI ports to connect multiple cameras or presentations, and monitor them using the view screen located on the front of the unit.  

Record your streams by plugging in an SD card in the front of the unit, or connect an SSD to the back USB port.  

The Epiphan Pearl Nano can stream and record one channel at a time. However, the Nano offers a powerful customization feature found on the Web UI to build Picture in Pictures, bring in custom backgrounds, text, and more 

Easily view all your sources on the front panel view screen, and flip through them using the built-in arrow keys.  

Easily navigate your menus and settings here to customize your system to best fit your needs. You can also use the screen as a confidence monitor while streaming to your audience. 

Utilize the Pearl Nano’s SRT capabilities to either push or bring in feeds to & from remote guests for better security and quality than given by most video conferencing systems. 

And like other Epiphan products, the Pearl Nano also offers Kaltura and Panopto lecture capture integration perfect for education.  

The Epiphan Pearl Nano video streamer and recorder is available for $1,495.00. 

Learn more about the Pearl Nano here!

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Watch the full video here!

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