Five Key Reasons to Upgrade your Atomos Ninja V

In an article from the most recent issue of Technologies for Worship Magazine, they highlight the key 5 reasons to upgrade you Atomos Ninja V by adding the Atomos CONNECT.

The Ninja V is a lightweight, compact device that has become an essential tool for filmmakers and video & worship content creators. It offers ground-breaking advantages for HDR monitoring and RAW recording. Close partnerships with major camera manufacturers ensure that Ninja V is able to enhance an ever-widening range of digital cinema, mirrorless, and DSLR cameras. Ninja V will transform the way you work and provide you with new opportunities to realize your creative vision. The Atomos CONNECT is the ultimate accessory for the Ninja V. It fits to the back on the Ninja V/V+ and features a 12G SDI interface, Atomos AirGlu™ wireless timecode for seamlessly synchronizing all cameras, multiple power options to accommodate a variety of on-set scenarios, plus Wi-Fi 6, network Gigabit Ethernet, and Bluetooth LE capabilities for flexible connections. When attached to the Ninja V/ V+, the Atomos CONNECT transforms professional cinema, mirrorless, and DSLR cameras into fully integrated devices that support a range of advanced cloud-based workflows. 

Here are the five key reasons to upgrade your Ninja V

  • Join the Stream Team
    Live streaming allows houses of worship to reach a new and wider audience. The Atomos CONNECT module for the Ninja V allows you to stream directly to Facebook Live, YouTube and more with no additional cost.
  • The Easiest Path to Camera to Cloud
    Camera to Cloud is a growing video production technology that speeds up the content creation process by reducing time between shooting the video and post production. Camera to Cloud allows you share files via the cloud instead of shipping hard drives or copying files.
    The Atomos CONNECT module allows your Ninja V to send video from any SDI or HDMI camera directly to the cloud making it easy for directors and editors to access content and start post production work.
  • NDI on the Move
    The Atomos CONNECT module supports 1080p30 NDI transmission over a local area network using either Wi-Fi or an Ethernet Cable. This means that a mobile video source can be easily added to a fixed PTZ camera network.
  • Multi-cam, Perfectly Synchronized
    Church productions are very sophisticated events that usually consist of broadcast quality, multi-camera workflows. Adding Atomos CONNECT to the Ninja V brings you Atomos AirGlu wireless timecode, sync, and control technology. AirGlu adds multiple Atomos devices or compatible cameras, audio recorders, and software applications together so that they share the same frame-accurate timecode. It’s also able to relay recording, battery status, and disk capacity information to the server unit. Any AirGlu device can act as a server, which means you’ll no longer need a huge budget or time-consuming post-production workflows to produce perfectly synchronized, multi-camera video.
  • Switch it Up
    The combination of the Ninja V and AtomX CAST expansion module gives you a fully features multi-camera production studio. The combination gives you a stand-alone switcher, multi-view monitor and broadcast quality recorder. It’s perfect for live church productions.

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