How to Import Video into Avid Media Composer (Part Four): Dealing with Codecs

wolfcrow by Sareesh Sudhakaran

In this part we’ll look at how Avid Media Composer deals with different codecs, and how you can import them.
How to Import video into Avid Media Composer

First, make sure the right bin or folder is selected, otherwise the ‘Import…’ option might be greyed out. Then, go to File > Import…. You will be prompted to select the video or stills you want to import. You must choose a transcode format if you are using this method. I recommend DNxHD while you’re in Avid:

These files are found in the ‘Avid MediaFiles’ folder. There is also a *.pmr file which is important:

The PMR file lists all the online media files. Every editing application consults all the PMR files in all the machine name folders to find out which media files are online. Whenever a media file is created, its name is immediately added to the creating editor application’s PMR file, and whenever a media file is deleted by its creator, its name is immediately removed from the PMR file.

However, many would prefer to use AMA to avoid transcoding to any intermediary codec. In this case, you must first open AMA by going to File > AMA Link…:

Only the codecs you have installed individually will show up. If you’re editing regularly with a varied client-base, it might be a good idea to install all the plug-ins at the beginning. Who wants to scramble for the right plug-in at the last moment while the client is watching? Avid puts this down to the ease with which they can update plug-ins when necessary, but that’s just them being lazy. I think they should consider your convenience above their own. read more...

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