Ikan Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

Ikan 10 Year AnniversaryIkan Corp’s first decade in film/video equipment industry marked by continuous growth. iKan is an award-winning designer, manufacturer and distributor of video and film production support that provides media professionals with simplicity in design, affordability and unmatched value. With a diversified product line ranging from HDMI LCD monitors and teleprompters to fluorescent lighting and production slates, ikan is uniquely able to meet production support needs across a broad spectrum.

Industry Veteran Ikan Corp Celebrates 10 Years

HDSLR Shooter by Jake Fruia Industry veteran gear manufacturer Ikan recently announced its 10 year anniversary in this wild and ever changing field. As someone used to keeping watch on what companies are coming up, going out of business, or anything in between, I’ve seen quite a few rising stars disappear before my eyes. Companies with great products and a good premise that maybe didn’t have enough marketing, or whose products weren’t that different from the thousand others of its kind. So to hear about a company that has hit its 10 year anniversary is quite something. This is a turbulent industry, and the last several years have put it in uncertain waters time and time again. It’s an industry where you have to strike that balance between affordability and quality, likability and staying power. Perhaps even more interesting is owner and founder Kan Yeung’s true American dream tale of how Ikan came to be. From migrating at 18 from Hong Kong to Texas with only “his guitar, a typewriter, $500 and visions of the American dream”, Yeung started a company that would lead to his opening of Ikan in 2005. You can see his full and storied journey ....[read full article]

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