In-depth look at the Epiphan Pearl Nano



YouTuber Curtis Judd recently released an amazing video going in depth about the Epiphan Pearl Nano!

"In this episode, we take an in-depth look at the Epiphan Pearl Nano. What is Pearl Nano? It is a single channel video recording and streaming hardware encoder designed for lecture capture, corporate communications, and remote video contribution applications using live SRT feeds. Focus is simple operation for corporate presentations or class lectures and remote operation and administration. Who is this for? This is made for use in education, corporate, and anywhere where there’s a more distributed set of remote contributors," wrote Curtis Judd.

In the video, Curtis gives a deep dive into the following: 

  • What is Pearl Nano?
  • Who is this for? 01:46​ What is it NOT?
  • Inputs - HDMI and SDI
  • UHD coming in 2021
  • USB Microphone Input
  • XLR Line Level Inputs
  • IP cameras
  • SRT Streams In/Out
  • Encoder output
  • SRT Stream Output
  • Pearl Suite of Encoders
  • HLS Stream
  • RTMP Streams for YouTube etc
  • Outputs
  • Layout to combine sources
  • Screen
  • Power options
  • Record with SSD, M2, USB drive
  • Integrations with CMS Systems
  • Auto upload recordings
  • Network Security
  • Epiphan Cloud
  • LiveScrypt Closed Captions
  • Cons

You can watch Curtis Judd's full video here!

Videoguys also had George Herbert from Epiphan on to give us a deep dive into who the Pearl Nano is made for along with a live demo! Check it out here!

If you'd like to learn more about the Pearl Nano, you can check out our product spotlight RIGHT HERE!

Also check out our Epiphan Pearl Nano Unboxing video here!

Learn more about Epiphan here!



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