In Review: Ikan VX-9 Monitor

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Ikan has built an excellent reputation for providing high quality tools and accessories at reasonable prices. Their new VX-9 8.9” LCD monitor continues this tradition.

Ikan VX-9

Anyone who has ever shot using an external monitors knows that an accurately calibrated external monitor provides much more accurate framing, focus and exposure determination than the camera’s LCD screen. jib or Steadicam shooting makes external monitoring absolutely essential. And DSLR shooting can benefit greatly from an external viewing device.

The question is always how large a display is needed and is practical. I suppose that is driven by a number of factors. A 9" display is a bit large to mount on top of small to medium size camcorders for hand-held work. For tripod work, I find the popular 5-6" displays too small. All things considered, I believe that Ikan chose the proper size to introduce a monitor of its specific feature set at the reasonable price point of $1,149.

The VX-9 is a plastic-cased LED monitor which has maximum versatility through the inclusion of every possible I/O option. Up to this point, all LED monitors included component video inputs as well as SD options such as composite or S-Video. From that point, users could opt for those standard I/O’s and either SDI or HDMI. The VX-9 includes both SDI and HDMI. Note that there is a single SDI channel both in and out (loop through) while it only accepts HDMI in.

The VX-9 also provides more power options than most of its competitors. It can be configured with Canon, Panasonic, Sony DV or Sony BP-U battery plates (one battery and plate is included with the unit). Additional plates are $29.95 each. For an additional $149, V-mount or AB-mount plates are available. The VX-9 ships with an AC adapter with pin connector for the adapter or third-party battery as well as a standard 4-pin XLR connector for 12v-20v sources. read more...

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