Kitty Peters YouTube Reviewer Tests Drone Photography

The founder and chief cinematographer of Atola Visuals Kitty Peters is known for her video production agency that shoots clothing, tech and much more. They are always capturing inspirational and beautiful stories through their platform. Peters who originally grew up in Chicagoland area obtained her degree Cinematography from Columbia College before heading to San Francisco.

Are you looking to get into film? Seeking the advice of an expert? Want to know more about Drone Photography? On Atola Visuals YouTube channel you can find all that and more! The work is absolutely beautiful. Below you will read about the variety of video equipment Peter reviews. She recently discovered the Lacie DJI Copilot. The Copilot lets Peters work laptop free while being able to capture footage and manage all files through their smart device.

“When I’m filming out in the field, I don’t really want to go back home or go to a coffee shop to start looking at and transferring footage,” Peters says.

Watch the video below to see Peters in action.

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