LaCie, the premium brand of Seagate technology, designs world-class storage solutions for photographers, videographers, audio professionals, and other power users. With leading technology, performance, quality, and customer support, LaCie helps you realize your creative vision. LaCie focuses on design, unmatched technical performance, and long-term reliability.


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  1. Lacie
    MFR Part #STGB8000400 | STGB12000400 | STGB16000400 | STGB20000400

    The LaCie 2big Dock delivers everything you expect from our products—high capacity, lighting-fast speeds, and enterprise-class drives—but it’s more than that More

    Starting at: $599.00

  2. Lacie
    MFR Part #STEY8000401 | STEY12000400 | STEY16000401

    For early-generation Thunderbolt environments, the LaCie 2big Thunderbolt 2 offers up to 16TB of versatile storage. More

    Starting at: $549.00

  3. Lacie
    MFR Part #STFK12000400 | STFK24000400 | STFK36000400 | STFK48000400 | STFK60000400

    With up to 60TB of capacity on your desktop, up to 1400MB/s speeds, and RAID 5/6, the LaCie 6big Thunderbolt 3 lets you rein in the stampede of data from 4K cameras. More

    Starting at: $1,899.00

  4. Lacie
    MFR Part #STFJ48000400 | STFJ72000400 | STFJ96000400 | STFJ120000400

    LaCie 12big Thunderbolt 3 120TB, 12BIG RAID, Thunderbolt 3 & USB-C, 7200 RPM, Enterprise

    Think bigger—we've got you covered. With up to 120TB of capacity on your desktop, up to 2600MB/s speeds, and RAID 5/6, the LaCie 12big and 6 More

    Starting at: $3,999.00

  5. Lacie
    MFR Part #STFC20000400 | STFC40000400 | STFC30000400

    For 4K and other bandwidth-hungry workflows, external storage needs to be fast, secure, reliable, and quiet. The new LaCie 5big fits the bill, delivering Thunderbolt 2 speeds for 4K video editing, up to 40TB capacity, and hardware RAID 5/6 for no-com More

    Starting at: $1,699.00

  6. Lacie
    MFR Part #STFS2000800 | STFS4000800 | STFS5000800

    Legendary Rugged toughness meets USB-C compatibility, blazing-fast Thunderbolt™ 3 speeds, and performance of up to 130MB/s More

    Starting at: $169.99

  7. Lacie
    MFR Part #STFS500400 | STFS1000401

    Legendary Rugged toughness meets USB-C compatibility, blazing-fast Thunderbolt™ 3 speeds, and optional SSD performance of up to 510MB/s (130MB/s with HDD version). More

    Starting at: $299.99

  8. Lacie
    MFR Part #STEV1000400 | STEV2000400

    The new LaCie Rugged drive is the perfect solution for heavy data users who require extreme data security and mobility. More

    Starting at: $139.99

  9. Lacie
    MFR Part #STFA4000400

    The LaCie Rugged RAID is the field-proven way to safely carry or capture a massive amount of data. More

    MSRP: $349.99
  10. Lacie
    MFR Part #STFR1000800 | STFR2000800 | STFR4000800

    Future Proof. Always Tough. The LaCie Rugged® USB-C portable drive marries rugged durability with cutting-edge USB-C. More

    Starting at: $99.99

  11. Lacie
    MFR Part #STEU1000400 | LAC9000448

    When you need to securely carry a media library and access it from FireWire 800 or USB 3.0 computers, opt for the LaCie Rugged Triple. More

    Starting at: $109.99

  12. Lacie

    With capacities up to 4TB, the LaCie Rugged Mini hard drive is the perfect choice when you want to securely carry tons of files and access them from USB 3.0 computers. Its compact size makes it easy to slip into a backpack, purse, or laptop case. More

    Starting at: $79.99

  13. Lacie
    MFR Part #STFY6000400 | STFY8000400 | STFY10000400

    The perfect complement to SSD-based laptops and all-in-one computers, the d2 Thunderbolt™ 3 massively expands your capacity up to 10TB for professional bandwidth-intensive creative applications. More

    Starting at: $349.99

  14. Lacie
    MFR Part #STEX4000400 | STEX6000400 | STEX8000401

    LaCie has redefined a proven design with the new d2. Featuring Thunderbolt 2, USB 3.0, and a professional Seagate 6 TB 7200 RPM hard disk, the LaCie d2 delivers superb performance for heavy data users. 


    Starting at: $249.99

  15. Lacie
    MFR Part #LAC9000258U | STGJ6000400

    When you need support for FireWire and/or eSATA interfaces, the d2 Quadra USB 3.0 delivers. Also featuring an innovative aluminum heatsink design for long-term component lifespan. More

    Starting at: $199.99