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AMA makes it easy to access and edit file-based media without transcoding. Now you can use AMA to export files back to the media's original source format for archiving or final delivery through Avid Media Authoring, which will be available as our partners update/develop their AMA plug-ins. And with new AMA Volume export support, you can create AS-02, JPEG 2000, DNxHD, AVC-I, and other file-based media volumes for roundtrip workflows, sharing, or archival.

When Avid introduced the Avid Media Access architecture, it simplified and accelerated the media ingest process by providing instant and direct access to file-based source media such as XDCAM, RED, P2, GFCAM, ARRI, and QuickTime include ProRes.

Now in Media Composer 6.5, that technology has been expanded into a toolset that is conceptually referred to as Avid Media Authoring. The cornerstone of this new toolset is the ability to export to AS-02, an emerging technology developed by Avid in conjunction with the Advanced Media Workflow Association. AS-02 is a standardized method for archiving and delivering MXF program components and multi-version, multi-lingual, and multi-delivery media environments.

Finished sequences are exported as AS-02 bundles. The assets that make up the sequence are committed to the volume as flattened OP1a MXF media that can be opened by other Media Composer systems, as well as any other post and broadcast solutions that support AS-02. As multiple versions of a sequence are finished such as for multi-language delivery, only new media assets are added to the AS-02 bundle. Using customizable XML-based templates called “Shims” helps ensure compatibility throughout the delivery chain. read more...

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