Learn More About the Award Winning Atomos Ninja V

Atomos creates a ton of amazing content to help cinematographers and pro shooters who use their products better understand their monitors and recorders. Most recently, they posted a terrific video on their YouTube channel explaining how the Ninja V can be used to expand your workflow.

Check out the video, below.

"Learn everything you need to know about our award-winning Ninja V by taking a look at this short video. From set-up to hints and tips, we explore the key features of the Ninja V and show you how to get the most out of the powerful monitor-recorder.
First released in 2018, the multi-award winning Atomos Ninja V features a stunningly bright 5.2” 10-bit HDR monitor with an astounding 1000nits of output. Watch our video as we go through a few of the core features from the Ninja V.
The Ninja V takes all your creativity and brings it to life in the video you capture, regardless of whether you’re shooting cinematic productions, or vlogs for your social media channel. Whether you shoot HDR or regular SDR. Whether you use a professional cinema camera or a prosumer mirrorless camera."

Whether you’re shooting SDR or HDR, for widescale productions or for social media, the Ninja V can easily adapt to suit your environment.

Check out the video on YouTube HERE.

Learn more about Atomos HERE.

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