LiveU Solo PRO Product Spotlight

LiveU  Solo PRO is still as easy as 1,2,3 to stream live from anywhere - but now it's even better. Check out our Product Spotlight below and follow our three step simple live streaming solution!

  1. Connect any HDMI or SDI source to your Solo PRO now with support for 4K. This can be a camera, or switcher such as a YoloLiv YoloBox

  2. Add SoloConnect for up to 4 external USB modems. The Solo PRO takes advantage of SoloConnect 2 modem and 3 modem kits available now with new 4 modem kits available soon. Allowing for HEVC compression means more efficient use of bandwidth for those extreme locations, and any usb c portable power bank can make the unit run indefinitely. 5G support means you can combine that efficiency with the higher speeds and that's where the 4K 60P deliverability will come from.

  3. Put it all together with the SoloConnect unlimited data plans and the included LRT Cloud subscriptions. The new Solo PRO is the same hardware as the broadcast level LU300s and supports the same Broadcast bonding with LRT Cloud. Setting Up a destination is just as easy as well. Simply choose your destination from you LiveU Portal account in advance and when youre ready to go, Hit go live on the LiveU unit. If you don’t want to stream directly to a CDN LiveU Solo PRO ro also now allows for users to send the video as an SRT which can be brought in as a source in almost any switching software, such as a NewTek TriCaster or a Telestream Wirecast Gear 3.

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