Matrox 4.2 Beta Release with Win7 support

Public beta releases of Matrox Axio.utils version 4.2 and Matrox version 4.2 are now available on our user forums. We are in the process of testing these drivers but would like to offer them to users in the meantime.

Matrox 4.2 Beta Release

Matrox is pleased to provide an open public beta release of the upcoming Matrox 4.2 software.
The Matrox 4.2 beta release includes the following new features:

- Support for Microsoft Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate (64-bit).
- Support for Adobe Premiere Pro and Media Encoder CS4 4.2 (earlier versions of Adobe Premiere Pro and Media Encoder are not supported).
- Resolved black flashes on analog captures.
- Improved Adobe After Effects render performance when the "Multiprocessing" option is enabled.
- Overall playback and stability improvements.

Note: Technical support for this beta release is not available via email or phone support. All support for the Matrox 4.2 beta software will be provided through this RT.X2 user forum.

Installation instructions

This beta software is available as a full 4.2 installation, which is required for Windows 7 users, or as an update for current 4.1 users who are not upgrading to Windows 7. Download the instructions for the type of installation that you want.

To download the new beta drivers visit our user forums:

Matrox RT.X2 User Forum
Matrox Axio User Forum

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