Matrox MX02 LE with Max...yay or nay? .... YAY!!!

There is a great thread going on over at the Creative Cow about the Matrox MAX technology. Highly respected industry experts have all chimed in and the answer is clear. THEY LOVE THE MXO2 and the MAX encoding technology!!

I added to the thread as well with the following post:

What great thread. MAX is the secret ingredient that gives the Matrox MXO2 family of products a leg up on other excellent I/O devices such as the Kona. As was mentioned here, if you have a Kona card, keep on using it! You can add the CompressHD card to your Mac Pro and get all of the benefits of the MAX technology.

While the MAX technology is not an accelerator, the time savings you get when you use it certainly accelerates your workflow! When the MAX technology was first announced many pros where skeptical. Sure it would be fast, but would it deliver the quality pros demand? The answer to that is "YES". As the posts on this thread already demonstrate. We've sold MAX technology into all levels of editing suites, from independent producers and event guys up to post facilities and broadcast trucks. The MXO2 Family and Matrox MAX technology have become a crucial part of so many NLE workflows.

For those interested in more information, we have an MXO2 Family FAQ on our webiste that has just been updated to include Adobe CS5 and Avid MC5 worlkflows.


Click here to check out the thread on the Creative Cow and see for yourself what
industry experts
have to say about the MXO2 Familiy and MAX technology!

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