NAB 2010 Wrap-up: Winners and losers Daily Blog by Scott Simmons

As a wrap-up to NAB 2010 I’ve put together a little list of NAB 2010’s winners and losers; a bit from the perspective of the South Hall which is post production. Until next year …


Adobe - everywhere you went people were talking about CS5. It was partly because this is a big 64-bit update but partly because Adobe has packed the release with some jaw-dropping features that make a demo. Premiere’s Mercury Playback Engine, After Effect’s RotoBrush and Photoshop’s Content Aware Fill together made Adobe the topic of NAB among post-professionals.

Avid – like Adobe, Avid got a lot of good buzz with the introduction of good product. Even Final Cut Pro only editors were talking about Media Composer 5, it’s native support of all QuickTime formats and the new “drag and drop” timeline. Add 3rd party hardware support and the web-based editing demo and Avid had one of their best NABs in a long time.

3D – It was everywhere with baskets full of 3D glasses at what seemed like most every demo booth. There were hardware and software tools abound to support stereoscopic production and post. And it was a common question at many a vendor’s booth: “Do you do 3D?” read more...

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