PTZOptics Next Generation IP Joystick is Here! A Joystick Offering True Versatility

The PTZOptics  Next Generation IP Joystick is here!

PTZOptics  has just announced their newest controller, the Joystick Keyboard Gen 4

Redesigned for Serial or Network Control
Designed for serial control or operation along a network, the PTZOptics PT-JOY-G4 joystick can integrate easily into any production configuration. Additionally, operators can enjoy compatibility with most PTZ cameras operating serial or IP protocols, including Sony.

Check out their introduction here!


Enhanced Setup Management
Efficiently setting up cameras, programming presets and fine tuning settings is now a breeze with the new Web User Interface—reducing setup time by up to 80 percent! Import/export your joystick's settings to make location management and standardization seamless, while easily integrating the PT-JOY-G4 into your existing production systems and infrastructure.

Streamlined Production at Your Fingertips
With an expanded LCD screen and knobs for fine tuning, a single camera operator can easily:

  • Operate cameras in basic, matrix and normal modes
  • Access cameras and quickly recall preset locations
  • Control white balance, red and blue gain, shutter speed and more!
  • Use web-based and smartphone app control for added flexibility


Learn more about the PTZOptics IP Joystick G4 here!


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