Ninja V ProRes Raw Compatible Cameras

Atomos is committed to devolving the range of cameras which support ProRes RAW integration with the Atomos Ninja V. PoRes Raw through HDMI is now supported by over twenty cameras from some of the best-known camera manufacturers in the world. With Sony, Nikon, Fuji, Canon, Panasonic, Z-Cam, Olympus, Leica and Sigma already on board, the list of compatible models shows no signs of slowing down.  

Check out the Ninja V ProRes Raw Compatibility chart below. 



Have complete control with the Ninja V + ProRes Raw
Photographers have long known about the benefits of RAW for stills. Capturing Apple ProRes RAW video with the Ninja V over HDMI unlocks complete control of the video image at the highest quality possible. Users can experience RAW video to get the maximum dynamic range, color accuracy and detail. Colors can be easily matched and the extra information means footage can be easily be manipulated in post-production for maximum creativity.

Learn more about the Atomos Ninja V here

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