Now is the Time to UPGRADE to the latest video editing software

Get the most from your video editing system when you upgrade now to the latest software - Adobe CS5 , Avid MC5 , Apple FCS3, Sony Vegas Pro 9 and Grass Valley EDIUS 5.5.

Why should YOU upgrade your video editing system and what is the best upgrade for you?

There are several reasons to upgrade your video editing system. Like most technological advances, the video editing systems available today are faster, more stable, easier to use, and capable of higher-quality then some of those made as recently as six-months ago!

Do you want to take advantage of the increased speed and productivity of today's 64-bit systems with more realtime transitions and special effects?

Do you want to make sure your software/hardware is using every available resource of your computer to create a faster and more stable editing environment?

Do you want full support for tapeless workflows and new formats including AVCHD, XDCAM, DVC PRO, DSLR footage and more?

Or, perhaps you just want to take advantage of some of the new features added in the latest version of your software. Whatever the reason, we can advise you on the best upgrades and/or trade-up paths available AND help you SAVE MONEY!

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Do you have questions which upgrade you qualify for or which is the best option for you?
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