Panasonic AW-UE150 4K 60p PTZ with Auto Tracking Software

AV Magazine recently published a great article going over Panasonic’s Auto Tracking System and how it now goes into the virtual production space.

Cramer is leading the way for producing great content for events and virtual experiences. They were looking to save time while also improving their workflow and output. They turned to the amazing Panasonic AW-UE150 UHD 4k 20x PTZ Camera. They then added Panasonic's own Auto Tracking Software!

Cramer was having a hard time keeping their cameras in track with their subject Often they use the UE150 with a jib making it hard to focus while sitting on the ground. They would train and work hard to make the camera movements and tracking good, but often they would still fail to keep pace with their subject. 

The solution was utilizing the Panasonic AW-SF100 Auto Tracking Software!

Brad Richelson, vice president of engineering at Cramer said, "“The improvements in the software are working so well that only in special cases do I go back to manually tracking of the subject. Overwhelmingly, most of the time the director will ask me before we start shooting the next scene or shot to keep Auto Tracking on."

No more worrying about the person manning the camera growing tired or suffering a hand cramp. Now the software handles the hard part. 

The SF100 is primarily used for lecture capture, a process of setting the camera where it can follow the professor around for those tuning in virtually. It uses facial recognition and new body detection via a series of Deep Learning Algorithms. AI in other words. 

Richelson said, “We had one subject who at specific points starting dancing. If we did multiple takes, his dancing would change each time – it was not choreographed. Auto Tracking helped significantly with this situation since there’s no way to rehearse this if I wanted to track the subject in manually.”

Currently, Cramer is in the process of building a mobile AV/VR which would include the AW-UE150 for virtual shoots. 

Cramer proves that auto tracking software isn't just for lecture capture. it can be used in virtual specs as well providing great and engaging entertainment for audiences. 

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