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Panasonic PRO PTZ Remote Camera Lineup

Meet the PRO PTZ Camera Lineup

Your productions depend on sophisticated image production and high-performance cameras, controllers and switchers. Leave nothing to chance by utilizing the broad line of Panasonic pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras and controllers. Our best-in-class family of award-winning professional PTZ cameras helps you capture your event — whatever the angle, location or lighting condition.

Whether you choose the all-new full NDI AW-UE100, performance powerhouse AW-UE150, the compact AW-HE40/AW-HN40, the broadcast-ready AW-HE42, the innovative 4K AW-UE70/AW-UN70, the compact, wide-angle AW-UE4, the entry-level AW-HE38/AW-HN38 or the IP65 rated AW-HR140 you'll get flexible installation with PoE, production quality video streaming, IP-live remote management and control, plus incredible video and remarkably smooth pan / tilt / zoom performance.

NDI®|HX Upgrade for Panasonic Cameras

Compatible Cameras: AW-UE70 | AW-HE40 | AW-HE70 | AW-HE65 | AW-HE38 | AW-HE58 | AW-HE35 | AW-HE48 | AW-HE130 | AW-UE150 | AG-CX10 | AG-CX98 | AG-CX350 | AW-UE65/UE63 | AW-UE155 | AJ-UPX360 | AJ-CX4000 | AJ-UPX900 | AW-HE42 | AW-HE75 | AW-HE68 | HC-X2500




Includes NDI|HX license
Includes NDI|HX license




Panasonic AW-HE42 HD 30x PTZ Camera

Supports NDI|HX with license






Includes NDI|HX license
Supports NDI|HX with license






Pansonic AW-UE100 4K PTZ Camera

Includes license to support Full NDI & SRT






Versatile camera control options from Panasonic provide a high-level of flexibility for your video production needs

Panasonic AWRP60 Remote Camera Controller

The AW-RP60GJ is equipped with a 3.5-type LCD screen to deliver a GUI menu where the information you need is provided at a glance for intuitive and quick camera control. 




Panasonic ​RP150 Advanced Joystick Controller

The RP150 allows you to control up to 200 compatible Panasonic PTZ cameras over IP via a switching hub. Or you can control five cameras via direct RS-422 connection.




AV-HLC100 Live Stream Studio

Your solution for all-in-one, camera controlling, switching, audio mixing, titling, livestreaming and so more. This compact live streaming studio makes it easy.

Panasonic Live Production Streaming Switcher Controller And PTZ Camera Controller

A well suited for use in a variety of environments including live events, education, live musical performances, and lectures. It supports ten channels of video and can simultaneously accept input from SDI, HDMI, and NDI/IP. Supporting up to 12 audio channels, the switcher can use the audio embedded in digital video, as well as from analog audio, and even the microphone input.


Panasonic camcorders with NDI|HX are perfect for your live production needs

Panasonic CX350 Camcorder

The CX350 fuses video, on-air broadcasting, and communication for the next generation. The AG-CX350 features 4K/UHD resolution, 10-bit depth, HDR-compatible image quality, and a host of recording formats for the ultimate creativity in a compact, lightweight body with low power consumption. 
Supports NDI|HX with license.


Panasonic AG-CX10 4K Camcorder

Whether you're shooting for broadcast, behind the scenes, documentary, narrative, or live streaming in HD and would like to add 4K to your repertoire, the AG-CX10 4K Camcorder with support for NDI/HX can help balance your needs or allow you to jump straight to 4K.
Supports NDI|HX with license


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