Portable Storage Solutions | Videoguys News Day 2sDay LIVE Webinar (07-23-19)

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On today's Videoguys News Day 2sDay, Gary goes over portable storage solutions. There are loads of options and things can get confusing. Gary goes over many of the new products and clarifies many things for those looking for the right drive to work from.

LaCie, G-Technology, Glyph, and SecureData are all on display today!


These are small and portable with the average throughput of 130 MB/s

(USB3: G-DRIVE Mobile, Blackbox, Glyph Studio Mini) - 140MB/s (G-DRIVE Mobile USBc & LaCie Mobile Drives)

Rugged Storage Solutions

Rugged Storage feature drop protection, weather protection, and can compensate for extreme weather conditions.

SSD Storage Solutions

These have an average throughput of 540MB/s. Therefore they are faster, like the G-DRIVE evRAW SSD, G-DRIVE Mobile SSD, G-DRIVE Mobile Pro SSD, LaCie Rigged Thunderbolt USBc, LaCie Portable SSD, Blackbox Plus, Atom SSD, and Atom Pro NVMe SSD.

Secure Solutions

Protecting important data is key today. LaCie offers the Rugged Secure. While SecrueData has the BT & KP Hardware Encrypted Drives

Desktop Storage Solutions

These are physically larger but less expensive. Usually they require a data connection cable and a separate power cable. Therefore these are fantastic for archival and long term storage.

Watch the full webinar here!

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