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Premiere Pro CS6- New Audio Setup Part 1

by Josh on March 25, 2012 in Editorial, Premiere Pro with One Comment

The audio track setup in Premiere has been completed reworked in CS6. Stereo and mono tracks are no longer, having been totally replaced by standard tracks, that can hold both stereo and mono audio. In addition to the new track behavior, Premiere Pro CS6 has been given a new audio meter that is scalable to be anywhere from tiny to as large as full screen.

Premiere Pro CS6 – Warp Stabilizer

by Josh on March 16, 2012 in Premiere Pro with No Comments

Premiere Pro CS6 brings the stabilization power of After Effects CS5.5 and later right into your timeline. If you have a shaky clip, you can edit it into your sequence, apply the Warp Stabilize effect, and continue to work as Premiere stabilizes the edited portion of the clip in the background. This effect, which gives results formerly only possible from advanced tracking and stabilization methods, lets you smooth out your clips effortlessly. In this video I demonstrate the results from both smoothing motion and completely removing motion and show you some of the more advanced options in the effect.

The Warp Stabilizer, while not a replacement for well shot footage, will be a welcome addition to all editors and is a great new tool in Premiere Pro CS6's arsenal.

Premiere Pro CS6 – Adjustment Layers

by Josh on March 16, 2012 in Premiere Pro with No Comments

Borrowing from it’s sister application After Effects, Premiere Pro CS6 has added the hugely powerful concept of Adjustment Layers directly into the editing environment. This new feature is an amazing advancement for tasks such as color correction, but its uses are infinite.

Premiere Pro CS6 – Trim Tools

by Josh on March 16, 2012 in Premiere Pro with No Comments

Trimming has seen a total overhaul in Premiere Pro CS6, and with its new features, Premiere’s timeline editing tools are among the best in the industry. The new feature set gives you the power to do almost all of your main editing functions without ever switching tools. Featuring the best of both Avid’s Smart Tools and Final Cut Pro 7's timeline editing functions Adobe has designed what is truly a powerful and exciting new editing environment.

For more great CS6 videos including Premiere Pro, After Effects and the Swither's Guide to Premiere Pro check out the website.

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