Premiere Pro CS3

Digital Arts by Michael Burns Premiere Pro CS3 Shipping as part of Creative Suite 3, as well as a standalone product, Premiere Pro has not received as much of a features boost as stablemate After Effects, though it too has been touched with the CS3 makeover brush. There’s no quick ‘one-click’ to hide panels as in the other suite components, but the interface has been updated to offer multiple project panels and bins, with individual settings for graphical and text views. New text-based search functions are handy too (and fast) as is the revamped Adobe Bridge for organizing video files. However, it’s not all window dressing for the CS3 release. Motion retiming is a key post-production activity and the new Time Remapping effect brings this within Premiere proper, rather than having to export to After Effects or similar. Previously you could change the speed of the entire clip with the Speed/Duration command, but there was no way to vary the speed change over time. read more...

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