PreNAB Editors’ Lounge, Predictions for 2011 & beyond

PVC Editing & Post by Terrance Curren

The March 2011 Editors’ Lounge HTTP:/?/? was the 8th year of our annual NAB discussion panel and featured guest speakers Steve Cohen, Terence Curren, Mark Raudonis, Michael Bravin and Lucas Wilson. Debra Kaufman moderated a lively discussion on post-production trends and predictions for NAB 2011.

  • Part I: The new FCP vs. the new Avid. Which is better for your world?
  • Part II: From new GUIs to business models for post.
  • Part II: From the death of tape to the new cameras and their workflows.
  • Part IV: Workflows and general question and answer

Click here to watch part 1

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