PTZ Camera Innovations are Perfect for Worship Video

The live production landscape is rapidly changing, and church techs, among other live streaming teams, have to keep up! Luckily, some devices and cameras are guaranteed upgrades to the quality of a stream, especially PTZ cameras.

Features like remote control, IP connectivity, streaming support, and auto tracking can become valuable assets to house of worship streaming.  As camera manufacturers are becoming more and more aware of this, these elements are only becoming more prevalent in PTZ Cameras. 

"Before PTZ cameras existed you always needed a camera operator to control the camera, zoom, and follow the pastor or whomever.  That took a lot of volunteers and it was a very high expense––and with needing to train that many volunteers, a lot of churches just stuck with one camera.”
-Stephen Heywood, PTZOptics

When it comes to auto tracking, this is also possible with the SimplTrack 2, from PTZOptics sister company, HuddleCamHD.  Cameras like this can be customized to fit your service to a tee.

Panasonic also has an auto tracking option with their AW-SF100 software, which can be downloaded onto any Panasonic PTZ Camera. 

Check out this article from to learn more. 

Learn more about PTZ Cameras HERE.


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