Read What the Media and Beta Testers Have to Say About Avid Media Composer 6

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Following last week's introduction of Media Composer 6, NewsCutter 10 and Symphony 6, journalists and beta users are buzzing about new features, including the new 64-bit architecture, UI, Avid Open I/O, Avid Marketplace, among others. Read more about this highly-anticipated, major software release as reported in Creative COW , POST Magazine, StudioDaily, The Hollywood Reporter, Art of the Guillotine , ProVideoCoalition and

For an even closer look, check out what some of our beta users had to say about what they’ve experienced to date:

-- Editor Shane Ross is a beta tester of Media Composer 6 software and provides us with the first in-depth overview of the new release. He notes -- “ All in all I am very pleased with the current release. It might not have all the WHIZ BANG POW that people might have been expecting with the 64-bit architecture, but it does pack a punch. I was very pleased with the performance on the timeline when scrolling through footage, and when the system was able to keep pace with my keystrokes, no matter how fast I went, how many bins I had open and how big my timeline was. I like the fact that the UI has an updated look, but didn’t change where the buttons are, and didn’t change the editing workflow. I love that Avid now has tabbed bins. I liked how I could bring in my RED footage via AMA and work with the footage natively, without transcoding. I jumped for joy and did a happy dance when I was able to capture footage with my Kona card, meaning that I can transition back to Avid and retain all of my hardware. I like that I can fast-import all of my ProRes footage without losing one ounce of quality.” Read the full review on his blog, Little Frog in High Def.

-- Walter Biscardi of Biscardi Creative Media also participated in the beta program and offers Creative COW readers some of his initial, “ ‘Avid from a Final Cut Pro’ point of notes,” including his experiences testing out the software with the AJA Kona 3 card as well with his shop’s ethernet-based shared storage network by Small Tree Communications. He writes, “ . . . Well I have to say Avid delivered a much more open Media Composer 6 than I expected. With this release, Avid is definitely a valid choice for the Final Cut Pro user / facility that is looking to move away from that platform while still utilizing their third party solutions . . . ” Click here for the complete story.

-- In a recent article for TVB Europe, reporter Adrian Pennington interviewed Michael Lindsay, founder and creative director of Pointy Stick, about the production company’s experience with the new 3D stereoscopic workflows. Lindsay comments, Everything we have edited in 3D has always been a bit of a workaround and quite painful. So much so that there are stereo jobs we haven’t pitched for, simply because of the hassles involved. What Avid is offering is really quite significant. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to say yes to several projects we were previously worried about.” Check out the full article here.

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