Review: Ikan V8000HD Field Monitor Kit

TV Technology by Carl Mrozek

Accurate field monitoring is a critical component of any shoot, particularly in HD. While many camcorders, particularly the smaller ones, now have color LCD screens this has become a non-issue in some circles. However, the bigger the budget, the more critical every technical issue becomes, including basics such as accurate focus. The "flip-out" camera LCD monitor isn't always up to this, as more demanding work requires a larger and sharper monitor. Luckily, there is a new generation of such portable monitors to fill the void. While many of them still cost more than top of the line big screen flat panel 1080p LCD TVs, there are a few pushing the $1,000 price barrier. One relatively new addition has now broken that barrier, Ikan's V8000HD. This compact LCD monitor actually lists for three-quarters of that figure, bringing it into the affordability range for many pros at, and below, the fat middle of the bell curve.


The Ikan Corp. V8000HD is a light weight, ultra portable 8-inch HD monitor designed for easy field monitoring. It's encased in strong and durable plastic housing, and at the same time keeping the weight down—the monitor weighs in at slightly more than a pound without the battery. Dimensions of this TFT LCD unit are about 2-by-6-by-8 inches, making it easy to pack and carry around in the field. Despite this compact size, it accommodates multiple HD and SD formats, and is capable of displaying 1080, 720, and 480 line video, along with PAL formats. Both 16: 9 and 4:3 aspect ratios are supported. read more...

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