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When I first turned on the new Ikan V8000HDMI monitor, a line from one of my favorite movies came to mind. My version of Dave Bowman’s “My God, it’s full of stars” line from 2001 A Space Odyssey was, “My God, “it’s full of colors!” Beautiful, dense, vivid colors.

As a filmmaker and content provider, I always look for quality and price when I’m shopping for new products. When I was in the market for a monitor I decided to look into Ikan’s product line. After viewing some of their products at last year’s NAB show I thought they might have something I would like.

My goal is to find products whose technology will not go out of date anytime soon. What I wanted for monitoring my shoots needed to have the following: high definition, HDMI, component capability and a good price. Did Ikan have something to fulfill my needs? The answer is yes. Welcome to the new V8000HDMI.


After plugging in the V8000HDMI to my Canon camera via the HDMI port, I was instantly drawn to the crisp colors. It has a panel resolution of 800x80 and works with aspect ratios of 16x9 and 4x3. Framing my shots became a breeze and I was no longer worried whether I got everything I wanted in the shot or not. Bye-bye on-camera LCD. read more...

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