RGBlink mini Affordable Multicamera Live Production Solutions with Bundles for Everything you Need

Introducing Low Cost, Multi Camera, Live Production
with Advanced Broadcast Features
mini/mini+ is a “mini” signal switcher and mixer which is able stream 6picture PVW or PGM from any one out of the 4 HDMI inputs to any live broadcasting platform via third party live streaming software such as OBS. It adopts compact design, equipped with a 2 inch TFT screen to preview the 4 inputs in real time. 14 transition effects on board to collaborate with TBar to do transition switching. Along with feature of seamless switch, there are other outstanding features such as audio embedding, deembedding, and automatically identifying color depth of RGB4:4:4, YUV4:4:4, YUV4:2:2,YUV4:2:0. mini+ is based on mini but with advanced features including Chroma Key, Logo, PTZ camera control. It is also easy to operate either on board or on dedicated app XPOSE on PC.

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