RGBlink mini When you Need More HDMI for Multi Camera Streaming

The RGBlink mini and mini+ are excellent video switchers that can be used to drastically step up and expand the quality of your production.  These units allow for four HDMI inputs, and can output over HDMI or USB, making them fit nicely with hardware or software encoders, video conferencing apps, or with a computer to stream directly.  In short, the RGBlink mini or mini+ give a tremendous amount of power to the user.  

In this week's Videoguys Live webinar, we're taking a special look at the RGBlink mini and mini+ and showing you how to use this device as a powerful tool to expand and elevate your live production. Host, Gary Bettan demos the RGBlink working with the YoloLiv YoloBox, the LiveU Solo and Zoom, or the web conferencing software of your choice. He also demonstrates how you can use this device in various workflows, or with software or hardware encoders. 

Check out the webinar, below:

RGBlink mini vs mini+

Both the RGBlink mini and mini+ are excellent video switchers and mixers that come packed with features.  The mini is a great place to start, while the mini+ puts even more power in the producers hands.  Check out the chart below, for a description of which features can be found in each device.  

RGBlink mini and mini+ are easy to Learn and Operate: 

RGBlink mini and mini+ are some of the easiest switchers to use and operate. The large input buttons and guiding preview and program lights make it easy to operate, and eliminates fumbling over which input is being displayed.  The dual output is also a very useful tool.  Over HDMI, all four inputs or a program out can be sent to a monitor, or an encoder like the LiveU Solo.  Users can also simultaneously take advantage of the USB output, which can be fed directly into a computer to stream, into a video conferencing app like Zoom, or into a software encoder like Wirecast.  Lastly, users can chose between transitions, and with the XPOSE software paired to the unit they can create logo overlays and chroma key composite shots.  

XPOSE Software:

RGBlink users should also keep in mind that the mini and mini+ both pair seamlessly with RGBlink's XPOSE software, over an ethernet connection with a computer on the same network.  The XPOSE software allows for more customized inputs, chroma key capabilities, and logo overlays.  With the mini+ users can also control PTZ cameras from companies like PTZOptics, and BirdDog.  

Workflows that Benefit
from RGBlink mini or mini+

Cooking Show and Business Presentations:

Use the flexibility of RGBlink for a multicamera cooking show or business presentation.

  • Format your cameras with one as a closeup, one as a wide shot, and one on your demonstration
  • Use your fourth HDMI input to bring in a PowerPoint presentation
  • Bring your RGBlink mini program out into the video conferencing application of your choice, like Teams, Skype, Google Meets, or Zoom. 

Live Streaming for Social Media Engagement

Use the RGBlink mini or mini+ to customize your live stream and engage your audience.

  • Support PTZ Camera control, for additional camera movement
  • Use Chroma Key to further customize your stream
  • Create picture in picture to convey more information to your audience
  • Communicate with your audience in real time

eSports Competitions 

Live Streaming eSports to Gaming Platforms like Twitch has Never Been Easier

  • Bring in multiple game systems via HDMI
  • Bring in a camera on your presenter, as well as an external microphone
  • RGBlink mini operates up to 60 frames per secondperfect for gameplay. 
  • Stream in H.265 codec to avoid frame loss or delay

Education and Training

RGBlink mini and mini+ are perfect for streaming in education and corporate training​.

  • Setup is fast and easy so teachers can focus on what matters most- the lesson
  • RGBlink is portable, and can travel to multiple locations to cover a wide range of educational topics
  • Use XPOSE software to load logos and video effects to boost student engagement
  • Control what your students see with PTZ camera control in the mini+

When you Need more HDMI Inputs for Video Conferencing:

Check out this graphic, illustrating how to bring the program out from the RGBlink mini or mini+ into Zoom, Teams, Skype, Google Meets, or the video conferencing app of your choice.  

Bundle the RGBlink mini or mini+ with these Devices for a Better Workflow:

Software Encoders:

The RGBlink mini and mini+ both feature USB output, which means they can be fed directly into a computer running any software encoder.  This includes both Wirecast Studio or Wirecast Pro.  These switchers can also pair well with OBS, vMix, Etc.  

YoloLiv YoloBox:

The RGBlink mini and mini+ are nicely complimented by the YoloLiv YoloBox.  While the YoloBox is a great switcher and encoder, it only features two HDMI inputs.  However, you can add the RGBlink mini to access four additional HDMI inputs, and chroma key capabilities.  The YoloBox can then add graphics, and stream the output to multiple locations, with no computer required.  

LiveU Solo:

The LiveU Solo is a great standalone encoder, that can be paired with the Solo Connect modems for cellular bonding, giving users the ability to stream from anywhere.  However, this device only has one HDMI input.  By feeding the RGBlink mini or mini+ to the Solo, this can be expanded to four inputs for a full multi camera stream.  

PTZ Cameras:

PTZ Cameras can be a great way to add more movement and engagement to your production.  Luckily, the mini+ features excellent PTZ control right on the switcher itself, which can also be expanded via the XPOSE software.  The RGBink mini+ pairs well with both the PTZOptics 30X SDI camera, or the BirdDog Eyes P100. 

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