Sharpen Your Creative Edge with Atomos NINJA firmware 10.74

 Introducing new creative features for the Atomos Ninja V and Ninja V+. The Ninja V and Ninja V+  offer high performance recording and monitoring features, which include a range of software tools to help filmmakers make technical and creative decisions on set. The latest firmware update introduces new creative options including Custom Frame Guides to preview specialized aspect ratios, Frame Grab to create reference stills, and Onion Skin Overlay for accurate match-frame composition.

  • Custom Frame Guides
    Setup custom frame guide overlays to preview how images will look when cropped to meet specific or unique requirement
  • Frame Grab
    Capture and save reference stills during playback and recording with a tap of the new Frame Grab button
  • Onion Skin Overlay
    Load a frame grab or preexisting picture, then select from three levels of opacity or activate a split screen view to compare or match the still with the live image.

Each features provides a fresh way to use the Ninja V and Ninja V+ to perfect each shot or open new possibilities to make films. 

The new software is available through a revised download and activation process via

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